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At What Age Can You Get Laser Hair Removal?

For some teens, the changes during adolescens are normal, but they are much more pronounced for others. The most common example relates to the growth of body hair. Puberty is followed by hair that grows considerably in areas such as the chest or back, they cause discomfort and discontent.

Beyond traditional hair removal methods (which are not very durable), the solution to this uncontrollable hair growth lies in laser hair removal. So, at what age can you get laser hair removal?

For individuals 14 years and older, the only requirement for laser hair removal is that their parents sign a written consent with the treatment center and appear during the procedure.

As such, we recognize that parents must think carefully about this matter before deciding. Therefore, in this article, we will develop all the key aspects that are related to the treatment of laser hair removal.

At What Age Can You Get Laser Hair Removal If You Are Still a Minor?

If you're underage, it's not a secret to know at what age you can get laser hair removal. The truth is that even 14-year-olds can get laser hair removal.

However, you must consider that the right time to do so is when you have already begun to undergo hormonal changes, that is when you have already begun to menstruate for the first time (for girls).


Hair growth is one of the most relevant characteristics of this puberty stage (in some cases). Therefore, giving hormones time to configure their behavior patterns is necessary. By doing so, the laser hair removal treatment will be as effective as possible.

Likewise, when choosing a treatment option, it is also important to consider the particularities of the procedure. We will explain them later. Additionally, we must remember that in order to be treated by an aesthetic center, a teenager must be at least 14 years old and accompanied by one of his parents. The parent must also sign a consent form.

In addition, parents should be reminded that if the procedure is done under professional supervision, it will be much safer and more effective. In other words, the procedure must be applied by a specialist in each subsequent session.

Why are Children 13 and Younger Not Allowed to Get Laser Hair Removal?

The procedure, however, can only be performed after the age of 14. Younger children cannot perform the procedure. The reason is quite simple.

During the laser hair removal procedure, some discomfort is felt. The possibility of such treatment at such a young age is also unlikely. 

During these sessions, a child will not be fully aware that certain precautions are required. Another important reason is that this procedure requires several application sessions.

Finally, we should remember that pre-adolescents begin to experience hormonal and bodily changes after turning 14. So altering the daily functioning of these hormones could lead to a difference in their natural course.

What About Traditional Hair Removal Methods?

The best-known traditional hair removal methods, such as wax, shaver, or razor and depilatory creams, are usually treatments that have a very short effect over time and can also become painful and inconvenient.


With laser hair removal, the results are permanent and observable from the first treatment. Additionally, it is a treatment approved by the FDA as safe and non-invasive, provided it is performed in a specialized facility and under the supervision of parents (for minors).

Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal

Since adolescents and parents are equally interested in laser hair removal, it's imperative that they fully understand how the procedure works and how to apply it.

We will answer some frequent doubts related to laser hair removal in a simple way. Suppose you want a little more information about the procedure. In that case, we recommend that you visit our blog and find all the related articles that we have written regarding laser hair removal.

How is Laser Hair Removal Performed?

When dealing with adolescents, the treatment needs to be applied by a professional. The procedure requires using a machine that emits specific pulses of light (one color) on the area to be treated to remove excess hair.

With this laser hair removal machine, the light energy is transformed into energy that burns the hair follicles and melanin from the inside of the skin, causing their growth to be much slower than normal. This is accomplished by inserting the laser directly into the second layer of skin (dermis).

Is Anyone Suitable for this Procedure?

Currently, laser hair removal machines work on all types of hair and skin colors. However, there must be a contrast between skin color and hair color as a minimum condition. Otherwise, the laser light may expand to areas not being treated right now, resulting in skin burns.

It is important to mention that pregnant women or people with sensitive skin should not receive this treatment. Furthermore, suppose the individual has consumed antibiotics or medications that cause skin sensitivity at least two weeks before the procedure. In that case, it will be necessary to postpone the procedure as the skin can be sensitive and prone to damage.

What are the Side Effects?

During the first 24 hours, the treated area will be red and perhaps swollen. These side effects will gradually subside over the next few days. After the first treatment, you will notice that your hairs will still grow, but they will do so much slower and weaker - they may even fall out on their own.


Therefore, multiple sessions separated by at least four weeks are necessary to maintain the treatment results. You can skip the treatment for at least six or eight months in the future until the hair is completely gone, so long as you meet the minimum number of treatments.

What are the Areas of the Body Where Laser Hair Removal Can Be Received?

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Legs

More specific areas can include the chin, cheeks, and hands.

How Should the Skin Be Cared for Before and After Treatment?

Wearing sunscreen every day is the most important thing you can do. It is even more true in cases of post-procedure recovery. Due to the high temperature at which laser light touches the skin, there is high sensitivity in that area, and if it is not protected from the sun properly, sunspots may appear on the skin that is not desired or expected.

Additionally, in cases where swelling and redness occur, cold compresses can help reduce these symptoms. It's important to avoid using hot water, baths, or showers during this stage of the recovery.

This procedure is totally safe and is recognized worldwide as an effective hair removal treatment. Therefore, you don't have to worry about your teen getting hurt during treatment.

If you want to know more information about how laser hair removal works, our blog is at your disposal.