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Can BBL Therapy Damage Your Skin

You might be wondering: can BBL damage skin during treatment?

BroadBand Light (BBL) skin treatment, also called photofacial therapy, is one of the safest and most effective skincare treatments available.

If handled by an experienced professional, the treatment is fast and painless, not to mention highly effective! In this article, we'll guide you through the process of BBL treatment, as well as explain why it's so effective at rejuvenating skin!

What is BBL Laser Therapy?

Contrary to what people may think, BBL treatment is not the same as IPL. BBL enhances and brightens your complexion by treating skin concerns and stimulating your body's collagen production. Proteins like collagen help give your skin structure and a youthful look. Most BBL treatments target your face, neck, chest, arms, and hands, though all areas can be treated.

BBL stands for BroadBand Light. Using BBL, high-intensity light is sent to the skin in a controlled frequency and intensity. Research has shown that it can improve skin appearance and encourage new cell growth to make the skin appear and feel more youthful.

BBL Correct targets the skin's texture and tone and color pigmentation issues. With this innovative light therapy, you will be able to treat those unsightly brown spots, broken capillaries, reduced pore size, Rosacea, flushed skin, acne scarring, and smoother, more even skin. With nearly zero downtime and virtually no pain, your skincare provider can target and customize your procedure for your skin tone and condition.

Who Can Have BBL Therapy?

Lighter skin tones are most suitable for BBL photofacial treatments. A darker skin tone absorbs more light, resulting in hyperpigmentation. BBL is usually safe for lighter skin tones, but you should conduct your own research and find a skilled practitioner. The procedure can cause unwanted side effects like hyperpigmentation or burns.

Skin Conditions that can be Treated via BBL Therapy

Can BBL damage skin

The aging process affects our skin on a cellular level, leaving us with irregular skin color, texture, and fine lines. In addition to many others, these conditions can be reduced by the use of Broadband Light Phototherapy.

Some of the treatments that can be done using Broadband Light include:

  • Acne- Several factors can contribute to acne, including stress, poor diet, hormonal changes, and age, which can leave scarring if not treated. BBL treatment helps with removing acne from your body.
  • Rosacea- Acne and redness. Tiny blood vessels and flushing. These are the symptoms of Rosacea, which can be removed with BBL therapy.
  • Sun Damage- The skin becomes unevenly pigmented, blotchy, and freckled due to too much exposure to sunlight. BBL helps with the removal of sun damage from your skin - permanently!
  • Age Spots- Overexposure to the sun and aging can cause irregular pigmentation of the hands and arms.
  • Hyperpigmentation- An increase in uneven melanin distribution in the body results in skin darkening. Hyperpigmentation can be reduced or eliminated with this treatment.
  • Enlarged Pore Size- In some cases, genetics and aging can cause facial and neck pores, affecting the skin's texture and appearance. BBL helps with enlarged pores by making the skin tighter and more youthful!
  • Rough Skin Texture- Several factors may contribute to the loss of smoothness of your skin, including aging, medication, and poor health.
  • Scarring- In cases of trauma, childbirth, or surgery, the body may develop thickened and damaged skin, as well as scarring. 

How Does BBL Work?

Your skin receives light energy from BBL. Your skin cells generate more collagen when the heat is absorbed. The process restores the natural beauty of your skin, blending colors, so your skin looks more vibrant, smoother, and younger-looking.

In BBL therapy, broad-spectrum photothermal energy is emitted. Melanin, which is a brown pigment in the skin, absorbs this energy. Additionally, hemoglobin, which causes redness, absorbs this energy. Heat and energy from the light are absorbed by the upper layers of the skin, which destroys pigmented skin cells while closing superficial blood vessels in the treated area.

Usually, the remaining brown pigment peels off within seven to fourteen days. The body continues to process the fragments of blood vessels over the next few weeks. In addition to triggering wound healing, the light's energy and heat stimulate new collagen production.

BBL uses a different process of photorejuvenation than IPL. For more information, click here!

How to Prepare for a BBL Treatment?

Before your BBL treatment, you need to prepare your skin. It's important that your skin is not tanned. Avoid direct sunlight or tanning beds for 4 to 6 weeks before and after each session. Don't use a sunless tanner for at least two weeks before your treatment. For at least one week before BBL, avoid waxing, chemical peels, and products containing retinol, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid. Talk with your doctor to make sure it's safe to stop taking any prescribed medications that cause photosensitivity, which is extreme sensitivity to UV light. If you have frequent cold sores, your doctor may prescribe an antiviral medication a few days before your session. If you have insurance, know that BBL is usually not covered. It may be helpful to arrange a payment plan ahead of time.

After BBL, you'll be able to get home from your appointment on your own and resume your daily activities. For at least 48 hours following BBL treatment, avoid anything that causes sweating or flushing. This includes exercise, hot temperatures, and saunas. Refrain from consuming alcohol and spicy foods.

What are the Side Effects of BBL Therapy?

BBL treatment may cause you to feel like you have a sunburn, with heat, burning, and redness. The discomfort usually lasts just a few hours but can last for several days. Cold compresses can be applied for 10 to 20 minutes at a time to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Throughout the first week following your treatment, you may notice pigment appearing on the surface of your skin. Besides redness and peeling, swelling is also common. It is common for dark spots and freckles to darken before fading and flaking over time.

Exfoliants, topical acne treatments, and scented skincare products should be avoided after BBL. Wash the affected area with warm water rather than cold or hot. Be careful not to scrub the skin. Do not scratch, rub, or pick your skin. Apply non-irritating skincare products. Due to the fact that your skin's melanin absorbs the light energy in BBL treatments, the procedure is most effective on light, untanned skin. Melanin-rich darker skin tones are more prone to burning, scarring, or hyperpigmentation. 

Is BBL Laser Treatment Effective?

Even though visible changes appear a few days after the procedure, blemishes and blood vessels usually take a few weeks to heal. You may notice that your skin feels smoother and appears more even and brighter after your first treatment within two weeks. This includes less visible discolorations, pores, and fine lines.

You will need several BBL treatments, as determined by the physician performing the procedure. A doctor will choose how many treatments to apply depending on: the type of skin you have, the condition of your skin, and your desired results.

A typical course of BBL treatments involves three to six sessions spaced a few weeks apart. In order to maintain and improve your results, dermatologists usually recommend at least two treatments a year after that. BBL has been found to be effective at improving the appearance of skin in numerous studies. According to an official study, evaluation of 5 BBL treatments every two weeks in 2019 found that BBL reduces enlarged facial pores safely and mildly effectively.

Benefits of BBL Treatment

Can BBL damage skin

With BBL, each lamp supplies half of the power required for each pulse of light. BBL delivers a pulse of energy to the underlying tissue. BBL is a fast, painless way of treating your skin and body.

Below, we've written about the main benefits of BBL treatment.

Rapid Results

Patients can see dramatic results after just a few sessions due to the increased energy supplied by each pulse. After your first treatment, your skin will appear more even. In addition, fine lines and pores should be less noticeable after your first treatment.

For optimal results, you should expect one to four sessions spaced a few weeks apart. You may need specialized treatments beyond that for Rosacea and vascular sun damage, which are more difficult to treat.

Long-Lasting Results

BBL treated patients still reported positive effects after more than a decade. Skin tone, texture, and color continue to improve for patients who receive these treatments annually. Consequently, we recommend maintenance treatments at least once per year.

BBL treatments are highly effective at removing sunspots. It is likely, however, that sunspots will return over time and appear again. The condition of the skin continues to improve for those who receive these treatments annually. For this reason, we recommend that you receive maintenance treatments every year.

Fast Treatment

The BBL treatment usually takes about 15 minutes, and there is little or no downtime involved. It is important to avoid exposure to the sun while returning to your regular activities and work the next day.

Patients will experience flushed skin immediately following BBL treatments, as well as an intensification of certain dark spots. Typically, this condition should disappear within ten to fourteen days.

Minimal Discomfort

Unlike more invasive treatments, which remove the uppermost layer of skin to stimulate collagen production, Forever Young BBL treatments stimulate the dermis, leaving the epidermis largely intact. This allows patients to return to their normal routine.

Effective for the Most Areas of the Body

The treatment can be performed on the hands, face, chest, and anywhere else the patient sees a need to rejuvenate their skin.

Those with lighter skin tones benefit most from BBL. The darker the skin tone, the more light the BBL absorbs, which is why hyperpigmentation (dark spots) appears on dark skin tones.

Wrap Up!

In general, BBL laser therapy is a safe and effective treatment that can help address various skin concerns, particularly those related to skin appearance, with minimal discomfort. Immediately after your first BBL treatment, you should see changes in your skin. However, in most cases, multiple treatments are required to achieve your desired outcome. Ensure your skin is well-cared for before and after each session. 

Consult your doctor to determine whether BBL will benefit your skin. A treatment plan can be created after discussing your concerns, desired results, and financial options.