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Elastin Skin Care: Essentials and Treatment Methods

When it comes to appearance and health, elastin skin care is essential. Usually the best skin treatment involves using this protein. The fact is that, along with collagen, elastin is one of the most important molecules for the appearance of our skin.

The purpose of elastin is simply to give certain organs elasticity, allowing them to perform their functions accurately.

What is Elastin and How it Works?

Elastin is a protein that allows the skin to stretch enough to return to its normal state without sagging, wrinkles, or total tension. The structure of our tissues, organs, and skin is determined by elastin. Thanks to this particular protein, when we suffer injury, we can recover and wait for the skin to look as good as before.

In addition to losing collagen over time, after prolonged sun exposure, we also lose elastin production. The lack of these essential proteins results in fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and even stretch marks.

When elastin decreases, there are various ways to prevent and treat these effects.  Use elastin-based products; they are considered safe and effective for skin care.

Keep reading to learn more about elastin skin care, related products, and the benefits.

Elastin Skin Care Products: What Are They Made Of?

elastine skin care products

Our list below contains a variety of elastin skin care products, so we will describe what the most common ones consist of, in a fairly general manner, since each brand establishes its own ingredients and benefits.

When you use products that promote the natural production of elastin, you can stimulate the healing process of the condition. With the right products, the skin can be made much softer, stronger, and smoother, and any procedure is much easier to fit into it.

Skin care products containing elastin help prevent the signs of aging and maintain skin health.

The next section tells you what kinds of products can help you with elastin recovery.

Improve Your Skin Elasticity With The Following Types of Products:

  • Collagen supplements: remember that along with elastin, collagen is another of the proteins that help the skin look healthy and that over the years, decreases by two percent each year. Collagen supplements are normally ingested orally and are hydrolyzed, that is, it has been broken down in such a way that it can be absorbed by the skin through the bloodstream.
  • Witch hazel extract: it is very effective in fighting wrinkles, aging, correcting elastosis and increasing the firmness of the skin. It is part of many cosmetic products for home use and daily consumption.
  • Hyaluronic acid: it is also one of the natural substances of the skin. This is found exclusively in the ligaments and its function is to keep them moist and lubricated so that they work well. You can find it as a component of creams or serums and by using them, you will help the skin that generates natural elastin.
  • Retinol and retinoids: are a form of vitamin A that promote the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. You find them as a component of various skin care products that can come in creams or serums.
  • Cocoa flavanols: they are compounds that are found naturally in the cocoa bean and help improve the elasticity of the skin and therefore fight wrinkles. Not all dark chocolates have flavanols, so look for those that are around 325 grams.
  • Genistein isoflavones: Being applied through topical creams or orally, genistein, which is a type of estrogen, helps improve skin elasticity.
  • Pantothenic acid: You usually find it in creams that are especially for dry, flaky or rough skin.
  • Other Methods and How They Work:

    carbon face peeling procedure
    1. Platelet-rich plasma: it is applied through injections in the lower part of the eyelid that involve minimal pain and require a treatment of at least three months.
    2. Dermabrasion: it is a treatment applied by dermatologists that consists of a deep exfoliation of the face to eliminate impurities and reduce pores.
    3. Hormone replacement therapy: the body is losing estrogens that with HRT can be stimulated to reproduce; they effectively help improve the elasticity of the skin.
    4. Chemical peels: it is a chemical peel also applied by dermatologists or specialists that depending on the state of the skin are applied in low, medium and deep levels. They help revitalize the skin, reduce elastosis and the effects of photoaging.
    5. Laser treatments: specifically through the combination of fraxel laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, it helps to stimulate especially the formation of collagen and to recover the natural tone of the skin.

    Tips to Improve Your Skin Elasticity and Maintain its Beauty

    yoga for elastine skin care

    We must first determine what causes the loss of elastin and therefore elasticity in the skin. We should remember that our skin is our largest organ and protects the rest of our bodies. The skin is most affected by environmental changes at first.

    Accordingly, as time passes, depending on how much we take care of it, we will see mild or advanced signs of decomposition and damage on our skins. Skin conditions can be caused by prolonged sunlight exposure without protection, poor nutrition, environmental pollution.

    Since the skin loses collagen and elastin by at least 2% each year after reaching puberty, the skin begins to wrinkle and sag. Because of this, several methods help these proteins reproduce naturally and thus reduce the effects they cause with the advance in time.

    Similarly, the skin will also age as it naturally thins and becomes less resistant. With the different methods, treatments and products mentioned (in addition to good habits), it is possible to slow the aging process.

    Good Habits to Increase the Natural Production of Elastin in the Skin

    • Use sun protection at all times: the main cause of damage to the elastic fibers of the skin is the ultraviolet light emitted by the sun's rays. As these fibers are lost, the skin loses its ability to remain smooth and firm, so it begins to become sagging eventually.
    • Try to avoid drug use, smoking and drinking alcohol excessively, since the toxins that these elements contain, eventually also lead to the loss of collagen and elastin.
    • Avoid episodes of constant stress: When you suffer from a lot of daily stress, you are stimulating the production of cortisol, which is a hormone that prevents the skin from repairing normally.
    • Exercise, get enough sleep, and lower your cortisol levels.
    • Limit the consumption of sugars: the uncontrolled consumption of carbohydrates produces inflammation and, successively, this produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin proteins, so over time, the skin loses its luminosity and looks rather dull.
    • Eat healthier: regulate your food, add nutrients to your diet, stay hydrated. This is the most natural way to take care of your body and skin.

    Benefits of Taking Care of Your Skin

    By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reducing stress, and eating right, you will naturally take care of everything that involves the health of your body. You can achieve good results in slowing down the natural aging process of your skin and body if you add to this the good habits that we have discussed.

    Furthermore, suppose you want to fight the signs of aging that are impossible to reverse. In that case, you have the option to use skin care with elastin, light treatments, and other solutions that collaborate effectively.

    The best thing about each of these methods is that they activate natural collagen and elastin production processes, so that over the short or long term, the skin's quality improves significantly or remains at an optimal level.

    All this means that you don't have to worry about enjoying yourself or showing your expressive side, avoiding the worry that you may not look good enough or that your wrinkles will be more noticeable.

    We at Lumenessa have all the information related to a wide variety of treatments that can assist you with this, so we recommend that you review our blog to clarify any doubts you may have.