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How Long Does it Take For the Moisturizer to Absorb?

Face care involves many products: moisturizers, eye contours, specific creams to treat some granite or some stain, sunscreen, etc. But before we start using moisturizers, we must answer this question: how long does it take for the moisturizer to absorb?

Knowing about the absorption time of the products we use in our daily care routine will allow us to establish and identify the perfect time to place the next cream without losing the properties and effect of the first one we apply.

It is also an excellent contribution to our time management and punctuality in general since we can estimate how much time we spend during our facial care routine on average.

You should consider how long it takes skin care products to absorb as a general rule. The time required for this can range from 5 to 20 minutes, and it depends on the individual's skin and the nature of the product.

Given that the moisturizer takes a long time to absorb, we need to examine the factors that may influence this process, ways to make it faster, and how we can streamline it. Finally, we will give you some tips to get the most out of your moisturizer, avoiding losing its properties and effects.

Determining Factors Regarding: How Long Does It Take For the Moisturizer to Absorb?

  • Skin type: Absorption depends on whether your skin is oily, in combination, or dry. The process will be different for each of them.
  • Age: If the skin is young or mature.
  • Presentation of the product: Is the product a gel, serum, cream, or lotion type?
  • Ingredients and components of the product: Is the base of the moisturizer made out of oil or water?
  • Climate: Is it cold (low absorption) or warm (high absorption)?
  • Quantity of the product applied: If they are thick layers, they will take longer to absorb.
  • Mode of application: If massaged for a few minutes or only applied lightly to the area (slower absorption).


Tips That Will Help the Product to Absorb Better

When using different skin care products, it is important to establish an order to facilitate and accelerate the absorption process.

It is recommended that the application is according to the consistency of the products we will use. To ensure that our skin absorbs each product individually, we should apply light ones first and leave those of a thicker consistency for last.

The dead cells that accumulate on our face can hinder the entry of nutrients into our skin, which is why it is recommended to perform periodic peels (1 time per week is enough). In addition to helping us maintain radiant skin with a healthy appearance, exfoliation prevents the pores of our skin from clogging, helping any product we apply to absorb better.

Another tip to help absorb any product applied to our face is the preparation we have before applying our moisturizer. For our routine to work, the first step is to clean our skin when we wake up and before going to sleep. At this point, consistency is important since it will determine the results.

The method of applying the moisturizer can also help faster absorption. For this step, it is recommended to resort to massages, which, in addition to being extremely relaxing, can help us absorb our product in a better way to our skin.

We can also have other benefits with these movements, such as reducing sagging and increasing blood flow (stimulating collagen production) in the area that optimizes your moisturizer's function. In this way, the product can be absorbed faster into the deep layers of the skin, as it makes very gentle motions in a circular or ascending motion.

The last (but not least) tip to consider is related to the way we store our facial care products. Many would think it is an insignificant aspect, but most skin care products are very sensitive and undergo changes that vary depending on the environment in which they are exposed.

The majority of these products contain chemicals that lose their properties and effectiveness if they are exposed to the sun for too long. In addition to affecting their absorption by the skin, it is highly recommended that they be kept in a cool environment without direct sunlight.

Right Time to Apply the Moisturizer

Various factors affect our skin, so we need to take special care of our skin at different times during the day and at night. During the day, for example, it is essential to protect our skin from the sun's rays and external pollutants. On the other hand, it is ideal for applying to repair products at night, taking advantage of our skin entering a state of rest during sleep.


Some experts say that the most appropriate time to apply the moisturizer is after a bath at night or during the day. However, the number of daily baths will depend on a person's tastes. In terms of hydration, it is recommended that the application be repeated twice during the day, which will be enough to keep our skin well hydrated and protected from external pollutants.

There are Conditions Under Which Absorption is Not Correct

As we mentioned at the beginning, each type of skin reacts differently to the moisturizer, which also affects its absorption. If you have oily skin, for example, a moisturizer that contains a lot of ingredients based on minerals and oils will have a hard time absorbing since these can be very dense products. You should choose products with a lighter consistency and based on water for oily skin.

Apart from the skin type, other factors can hinder the absorption of our moisturizer. Climate is also an important element, and it has the ability to influence the way our moisturizer adheres to our skin. The products we use in hot climates do not always work in the same way and with the same efficiency in cold climates. To solve this problem, it is recommended to have specific creams that fit the different climates.

Another of the conditions under which our moisturizer may have problems absorbing are those related to the product itself and the use we give it. When it comes to determining the absorption, the amount of product we use is very important because if we use too much, we will create a saturation effect. Our skin cannot absorb large amounts of product, so the general rule is "less is more."

Finally, it is very important to check the expiration times of our moisturizers, since many times, the absorption problems are related to the fact that our product is already expired and loses any of its effects. This condition can hinder the absorption process and cause other complications such as allergic outbreaks or irritation.

If a Moisturizer Isn't Right For You, You'll Notice

A good cream will adapt to the skin in a good way or will, on the contrary, have negative effects. Our skin is wise and knows which products work and which do not. During and after the application process, your skin will send you clear signals to gauge if a cream works well or not.

Like any other product, if a moisturizer is not used properly, problems may arise like clogged pores, excess oil, acne breakouts, irritation, just to name a few.

As a result, if you intend to apply any skin product, you should perform rapid tests on small areas of the skin to rule out many of these problems.


To reduce the risk of skin irritation, it is always a good idea to choose good quality products. However, it is necessary to pay attention to how our skin reacts after using a moisturizer for some time. If you notice negative changes, it is recommended that you cease to use it and seek the advice of a dermatologist.

Moisturizer: Always Present in Our Routine

Moisturizers are our best ally in keeping our skin radiant when properly applied. Choosing and applying your moisturizer will be very easy if you follow the above suggestions.

Our skin is the first protective barrier of our body. It is exposed to many external dangers: pollutants, bacteria, solar radiation, and many others. Therefore, it needs special care, and just because it is special does not mean that it will be complicated. It suffices to identify what our skin needs, invest in good quality products, and use them properly.

With these simple steps, you will achieve and maintain healthy and well-hydrated skin. For more information on keeping your skin youthful and rejuvenated, check out our blog!