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Meet all the Himalayan salt benefits for skin: You can use it at home!

In recent years, Himalayan salt has taken a lot of popularity within the cosmetic and beauty industry in general, this is no coincidence since in it you can find endless minerals, and thanks to its natural properties there are many himalayan salt benefits for skin. Doing a homemade spa session is no longer impossible thanks to the diversity of baths and treatments available that have integrated this natural mineral into their products.

This type of salt is very healthy because it contains more than 80 minerals (many more than other types of salt could contain). It is extracted from the Himalayan mountain ranges, a mountain formation that spans several countries, such as Bhutan, Nepal, China, India and Pakistan. These formations have their origin millions of years ago when the oceans deposited their salts in the region thus forming these mountains.

Being covered by ice, snow and even lava, these salt formations have been kept away from environmental pollutants and it is precisely their pure character that makes them special among the existing salt varieties, since not being directly exposed to pollution, each of their properties is enhanced.

Himalayan salt can be found in three varieties of colors: white, pink and orange, this happens because according to the minerals it contains, its color varies. Among them are magnesium, iron or calcium, which are used and included in many bath treatments and natural treatments.

The himalayan salt benefits for skin are many because this is a product that has great potential to use it, and although it is not magical, currently many people use it daily placing all their trust in the healing power it has and the benefits it brings to their skin and health in general. Considering this we propose to present a summary on the different benefits and uses that we can find in Himalayan salt.

These are the Himalayan salt benefits for skin

In this section we propose to describe in a more detailed way the himalayan salt benefits for skin so that you can know them better and know how to take advantage of them, getting the most benefit from all their minerals, and at the same time clear those doubts that hold us back to use it in our daily routine.

Well, when it comes to beauty care, among the best options will always be in the first place those that are more organic and natural, since with them it is possible to considerably reduce the risk of allergies or complications in the skin. On the other hand, it helps us to be kinder to the planet, contributing our grain of sand to combat the environmental pollution that comes largely from the cosmetic industries.

Without further ado, we tell you all the himalayan salt benefits for skin.

Improves blood circulation

Blood circulation has a fundamental role in maintaining a healthy appearance on our skin. In addition to avoiding great complications in general health, it allows us to avoid other conditions such as the appearance of varicose veins or those swollen veins that appear under our skin, so it is important to have a good exfoliation routine and precisely this is another of the himalayan salt benefits for skin since it helps stimulating blood flow and its different properties and minerals give greater luminosity to your skin,  leaving it softer and tighter.

It is an excellent exfoliant for the skin

As we anticipated, Himalayan salt is one of the best exfoliants you can find. While conventional salt considerably dries out our skin and is not suitable for cosmetic use, Himalayan salt thanks to its purity and its more than 80 minerals can help you keep your skin more hydrated, eliminating dead cells and accelerating the renewal process in the cells of our skin, while providing shine and softness on it.


Relax and calm

When it comes to burns or irritation on our skin we look for products that can provide us with relief in the affected areas, among the himalayan salt benefits for skin highlight its properties to soothe the skin with sun damage or product of any other complication that has caused irritation.

Baths with Himalayan salt help not only to reduce the symptoms of burning or pain in the superficial layer, but also helps us relax the muscles that sometimes tense more than the account when we face situations that generate stress, the use of baths with Himalayan salt helps us increasing our state of relaxation and emotional satisfaction.

May relieve eczema and psoriasis

Both psoriasis and eczema are conditions that cause harmful effects to the skin and unfortunately still do not have a definitive cure, that is why people who suffer from this type of diseases should look for different alternatives to control outbreaks, Himalayan salt has become popular as an effective treatment in this type of diseases.

The "sole" is a type of solution that is made with a little Himalayan salt and warm water, this helps to calm the symptoms produced by both psoriasis and eczema, thanks to its properties and anti-inflammatory minerals facilitates the reduction of skin lesions.

Balances the Ph and moisturizes and softens the skin

Another of the himalayan salt benefits for skin is its ability to keep the pH of our skin balanced, this is because its different minerals have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

Remember that the imbalance of the ph in our skin is caused by many factors, including external ones, such as sudden changes in temperature and humidity, chemicals, and some alkaline grade cosmetics.


These produce many conditions, among the most common are acne breakouts and in this case, Himalayan salt is used to reduce these complications, as it keeps the skin hydrated and in turn softens its texture.

Perfectly bearable by sensitive skin

Sensitive skin types can become the most complex when choosing products for our care routine, since many of the ingredients with which most cosmetics and skin care products in general are manufactured, tend to cause irritation or sensitivity in this type of skin.

Considering this, it is normal for people who have sensitive skin to be wary of using Himalayan salt, however, although this is not recommended to exfoliate (in this type of skin) it can be used in warm baths or solutions such as the "sole" to treat particular injuries, so you would be enjoying in the same way the himalayan salt benefits for skin.

Enjoy these benefits on all your skin, except for the face

Although among the himalayan salt benefits for skin its quality of natural exfoliant stands out among the first, it is necessary to clarify that, although it is a good exfoliant for the skin, there are specific areas in which its use is not recommended, such is the case of the face since our skin in this area is usually more sensitive and the components of the salt could even be abrasive for it,  therefore we should avoid using it as an exfoliant in that area of our body.

Following in this same line, it is necessary to also mention some other precautions that should be taken with the use of Himalayan salt, considering certain specific conditions.


Before using any product, whether organic or processed, it is essential to make sure to perform an allergy test, this will help us prevent any negative reaction on our skin, in the same way it is important to review in detail the components and minerals contained in the type of salt that we will be using.

Heart disease and hypertension

Although Himalayan salt has a wide variety of benefits, it is essential to use it with control, since its main component is sodium chloride, which can become quite dangerous if consumed in excess, especially in people with special conditions linked to the heart and those who have blood pressure problems.

Kidney problems

Those people who have problems with their kidneys should be very careful when integrating Himalayan salt into their daily routine, since this type of condition makes it difficult for the body to absorb all the minerals present in salt, its prolonged use would considerably increase the chances of contracting an excess of minerals in the body, which can cause other diseases of greater severity.

Other uses of Himalayan salt

Up to this point we can identify that the himalayan salt benefits for skin are varied, but it is important to highlight that these benefits can not only be used for skin care, but also can be used to replace traditional salt in the kitchen, being a healthier option compared to traditional salt. In the same way in naturopathic medicine we can use it as an organic nasal decongestant and also helps to combat the symptoms of migraine thanks to the fact that it stimulates the production of serotonin. Himalayan is also good for relaxing asmophere before intime moment.



In general, Himalayan salt has a diversity of uses, however, most of the benefits it brings to the skin can be enjoyed or used better, placing it directly on the skin through relaxing baths or practicing regular exfoliations.