Plasma fibroblast skin tightening: the option without surgeries
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Plasma fibroblast skin tightening: the option without surgeries

Excess skin is one of the most common problems in the world of aesthetics, the first thing we should know about it is that this problem is not directly related to a specific age and can appear both in elderly people and in others much younger. Now, there are many treatments that help us reverse these effects, but without a doubt, one of the most effective and with the greatest benefits is plasma fibroblast skin tightening.

In previous years, the effects caused by the problems of sagging skin were treated only through invasive surgeries, but thanks to technological advances today we have several options, and many of them have a non-invasive scope for our skin, in the case of plasma fibroblast skin tightening, it is a non-surgical treatment to which many elderly people or with flaccidity problems go to lighten the marks caused by factors such as age or excess sun exposure.

At present, skin care has become one of the most relevant purposes in many people, maintaining healthy skin at this time, is synonymous with health in general, since being exposed to so many factors that cause deep damage (processed foods, environmental pollution, excess solar radiation among many others) our skin is basically the first to suffer these damages.

In this sense, these are the reasons that drive people to resort to this type of treatment, also understanding that it is related to maintaining a high level of self-esteem, which allows them to look and feel good about their own appearance, and this will be reflected in the most fluid development in their daily lives,  from the simplest to the most perfectionist people, generally everyone will always want to present the best version of themselves.

That is why, in this article we propose to tell you everything you need to know about plasma fibroblast skin tightening, explaining the usefulness that can be given, the way in which the procedure is performed, until you reach the benefits offered by this alternative, all this with the intention that you can evaluate if it adapts to your needs and if the conditions of your skin are within the allowed standards for this treatment, so you can make a better decision based on information on the subject.

What is plasma fibroblast skin tightening?

Plasma fibroblast skin tightening treatment is a non-invasive procedure with which many of the problems related to facial sagging can be reversed, the purpose of this treatment is to eliminate excess skin and unwanted wrinkles caused both by the loss of collagen and elastin, as well as by other factors that cause direct damage to our skin,  the ideal result that is sought when applying this procedure, is to tighten those areas of the skin that are sagging, leaving a more renewed and rejuvenating appearance on the skin.

How is the procedure performed?

To apply the plasma fibroblast skin tightening is used a manual device in the shape of a pencil or wand which contains the fibroblasts, these are small cells that are responsible for the production of both collagen and proteins present in the dermis and their function is to keep the skin firm, as well as help heal skin wounds. The treatment then consists of applying through the pen an electrical frequency in those affected areas, in that process the pencil ionizes the atmospheric gas that is between the tip and the gases naturally emitted by the skin.

This process will create a plasma charge and, in turn, an electric arc responsible for tightening and collecting the skin affected by sagging. While it is a simple process, it should be carried out in an office with authorized personnel.


Although it is a painless procedure, many of the specialists tend to apply anesthetic cream at least half an hour before, this is done to get some sleep on the skin, which will help the application not cause any discomfort, in the same way, at the end of the treatment a moisturizer is placed to combat side effects. The procedure usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete its entire application.

Skin phototypes that are suitable for this treatment

In general, the plasma fibroblast skin tightening treatment is indicated for those people who present signs of sagging skin, however, there are several factors that should be considered to find out if their skin type suits the procedure.

Following fitzpatrick's classification, the ideal candidates for plasma fibroblast skin tightening are those skins that are between phototypes I and III, these group those skins of pale pink, light and dark blonde tones.

This procedure is not highly recommended for those with a darker skin tone, since due to their structure they can become more sensitive to electrical frequencies and would increase the risk of hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) or hypopigmentation (loss of skin pigmentation).

Similarly, it is necessary to clarify that even being within the allowed phototypes, pregnant women, infants, people with special skin conditions or people allergic to certain topical anesthesia should avoid performing this type of treatment. To avoid any complications, the ideal will always be to consult the opinion of a dermatologist or a professional related to the area.

Areas of the body that can be treated with plasma fibroblasts

As we already mentioned, the ideal areas to apply fibroblast skin tightening plasma are those that present flaccidity, among the most common are:

  • Forehead and frown lines
  • Wrinkles surrounding the mouth.
  • Upper eyelids and bags under the eyes.
  • Lines on the neck and neckline.
  • Jawlines and jowl area.
  • Arms.
  • Thighs.
  • Knees.

Results of plasma fibroblast skin tightening

By performing a plasma fibroblast skin tightening on your skin you will be able to notice the changes from the first session, as you will feel greater tightness in the skin, as well as an increase in firmness. However, it is essential to highlight that in this type of treatment the true results will be reflected after 6 or 8 weeks, remember that the skin will need that period of time to make its natural renewal increasing the production of collagen.

Likewise, it is important to clarify that in order to achieve an almost complete result, it is necessary to go to other sessions, with a minimum time of 6 weeks of separation between one and the other.


Side effects

Like any other treatment, plasma fibroblast skin tightening can cause several side effects, and it is important to know what they are to be prepared and take precautions, avoiding their appearance or if it were the case, know how to act on them.

The first thing you should know is that the electric current applied on your skin leaves a series of lesions in the form of dark brown dots, these over time will dry and fall naturally, for this you will be instructed to use a cream or balm that helps you accelerate this process.

Another of the most common side effects that may appear after a session of plasma fibroblast skin tightening will be redness and swelling of the treated area. This reaction is completely normal and expected, but after the first three days of application most of these symptoms should have ceased.

Redness can become the symptom that will take longer to disappear, if after 10 days of application you still have redness you should contact your specialist to indicate some creams that help you reduce this type of side effect.

Benefits offered by treatment

The plasma fibroblast skin tightening treatment has been positioned among the best thanks to the variety of benefits it offers, the main one among all of them, is that it is a non-invasive procedure, this means that it allows us to achieve great results and significant changes in terms of combating flaccidity, without having to deal with the dangers represented by traditional cosmetic surgeries.

Among the most outstanding benefits is the possibility of recovering the solidity of tissues that have lost their firmness for different reasons, thus favoring and stimulating the regeneration of the skin, through its reach on fibroblasts. This procedure benefits not only those people who have any type of aging, but also provides benefits for those who suffer from other conditions such as acne scars, and has even been used as a procedure to increase the lips without the need for painful injections.


In general, the benefits offered by the plasma fibroblast skin tightening treatment are associated with improving the texture and appearance of the skin, and although it is a relatively new treatment, it is offered as the best option to achieve mild or moderate effects in terms of skin firmness and tightening.

Most relevant aspects

Finally, as we explain the plasma treatment fibroblast skin tightening is one of the best options to combat the negative effects of flaccidity without facing the great risks posed by invasive surgeries, being able to obtain very similar results that help us to continue maintaining a healthy and shiny appearance in our skin,  but without the need to cause great damage or injury to it.

It is important to understand that despite being simple and non-invasive, under no circumstances should it be tried at home, since the handling of the manual machine, preferably should be done by a specialist, in a controlled environment.

Currently within the cosmetics market are offered some types of pens that claim to perform therapies using plasma fibroblast therapy, it is advisable to avoid this type of products since the control of its manufacture is unknown, and the technique used in plasma fibroblast skin tightening must be used by a specialist to achieve optimal results, safe and effective.