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Radical skincare: perfect for immediately removing dead skin cells

In order for our skin to take care of itself, it undergoes continuous regrowth from the depths of its layers up to the surface of the skin (epidermis), which we see and touch. While this is a natural process of our body to stay healthy, there are ways to stimulate and reinforce this process. Radical Skincare is the perfect product to achieve this.

This exfoliant will help remove dead cells from our skin, giving it a more luminous appearance. Radical Skincare's formula is designed with a clinically proven, paraben-free, patented TRYLACEL technology.

It has a light texture that provides deep hydration without leaving a greasy sensation or excessive shine. It is a perfect product for any skin type, especially for sensitive skin. It contains powerful antioxidants responsible for protecting our skin from external agents that cause irritation and pore-clogging.

Radical Skincare is a product of rapid absorption, so its application will be pleasant to your skin and will not leave any uncomfortable feeling on it. As well as its great benefits, it also contains components that fight aging and its symptoms, such as deep wrinkles, expression lines, and dark spots. There are several benefits to using this service, and you can expect high-quality results shortly after beginning.

To maintain healthy skin, we must integrate high-quality products and care routines that meet the needs of different skin types and use nourishing ingredients. We have put together a small collection of elements that adversely affect our skin and tell you how Radical Skincare can treat them.

To combat the effects of pollution: Radical skincare

The environment contains many polluting agents that almost invariably and gradually harm the planet and its inhabitants. For example, in the case of our skin, the effects are translated into clogged pores and spots on the skin that ultimately lead to a chain of general adverse effects (acne, loss of shine on the skin, redness in the sun, etc.). Good skin care is the solution in these instances. It is possible to fix many of these problems by using a product like Radical Skincare, and you will see results immediately.


Other available products complement the formula of Radical Skincare and provide us with protection against the environmental elements (product of pollution), which can cause different conditions in our skin. The ideal would be to choose several products that adapt to our skin, including Radical Skincare (for its great benefits), and form a routine that can be applied daily to protect us from the effects of pollution.

But before we develop the strategies we can use to protect ourselves and reverse the damage caused by pollution to our skin, it is essential to know how these phenomena affect our skin's appearance and overall health. That is why we have taken the task of doing a review to clarify these points and know in a more detailed way how the effects of pollution can negatively modify the appearance of our skin.

Environmental pollution also affects our skin

Environmental degradation can be observed in many daily events, such as forest fires, droughts, toxic products that alter the natural structure of food, pesticides, herbicides, large industry emissions of toxic gases (such as carbon dioxide C02), and thousands more.

However, each of these events contains individual consequences and creates a high impact on different areas of our life. Specifically, these pollutants are detrimental to skin health. These emissions of gasses and dirt expel free radicals, which are reactive molecules that unbalance our skin's cellular process. Free radicals directly affect collagen and elastin production, causing premature aging and opaque and unhealthy appearance.

All these polluting elements converted into free radicals act on our skin, penetrating the deepest layers. Their effects manifest in the appearance through different skin conditions, such as dark spots, allergic rashes, irritation, acne, and dryness pore obstruction, among many others.


When our skin is exposed to these pollutants for a long time, there is a risk of permanent lesions since these elements can enter the last layers of the skin and modify its structure. The smaller the polluting particle, the easier it will be to become embedded inside our skin, and the more damaging it. It is difficult to protect ourselves from invisible threats to our eyes.

Considering that environmental pollution is far from disappearing, we can take other measures to combat its adverse effects and protect our skin from the conditions it produces. Cleaning and a special care routine will be the most effective weapons to fight that battle. Therefore, we would like to share some suggestions so that you can create a routine that will help you maintain healthy skin and protect you from environmental pollution.

Suppose you are interested in learning more about environmental pollution and how it affects our skin. In that case, you can visit the website of the Pond's brand, where you will find information (based on research conducted by The Pond's Institute) relevant to this topic.

Suggestions for daily skin care

We can adopt different ways of living to reduce the negative impact that pollution leaves on our lives, even though it is impossible for us to stop pollution and its effects. Our health can be improved significantly and positively if we focus our energy on those little things we can control.

Our goal was to develop some guidelines that will help you make better decisions about starting a daily skin care regimen to keep your skin healthy and protected from pollution.

Healthy Eating

The skin is a reflection of our diet, so we must understand that everything we eat will affect our skin. Although it is not completely proven, some experts point out that eating a diet with excess fats and processed foods will increase your skin's chances of suffering from conditions such as acne, dryness, and excess sebum or clogged pores.

It is recommended that the first step to maintaining healthy skin is to evaluate the food we consume. Consequently, it is recommended that you eat nutrient-dense foods and foods rich in good fats as part of your daily routine; this can be achieved through vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. Besides eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, you should also drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated on a long-term basis. 


It is crucial to keep it away from pollutants and their negative effects to maintain healthy skin. Protecting our skin from the sun avoids premature aging, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and, most importantly, skin cancer.


For proper sun protection, use sunscreen products with a high sun protection factor (SPF), ranging between 15 and 25. Remember to touch it up every two hours.

Our clothing can also protect us from the sun's rays. Depending on the weather, we can wear hats or coats that allow us to shade the most exposed areas of the body, like the arms and face.

Managing Stress

The world is in a very convulsed state, and there are a lot of problems that need solutions every single day. However, we need to remain calm in spite of these challenges. We feel and reflect every negative feeling or thought that we have on our skin. Excessive stress can make our skin more sensitive, which may lead to acne breakouts.

Consider taking things slowly, exercising, getting enough sleep, and participating in activities you enjoy.

Be Kind to Your Skin

Taking the time to allow your skin to regenerate or heal ties in with the previous suggestion. Part of relaxing and letting go of stress is recognizing that our skin needs time to heal. It is important to take special care of our skin, and many of the products on the market are not appropriate. It is best to limit our exposure to these products.

We can prevent losing the natural oils that protect our skin by reducing bathing time and using soaps with sensitive shapes. It is important to use moisturizing lotions when removing hair to soothe the skin after these treatments.

In general, it is to treat our skin with affection, understanding that it is exposed to many external threats that weaken it daily.

Avoid Excesses

Our skin is affected by everything we ingest, including the intake of alcoholic beverages and the habit of smoking.

These small addictions act on our bodies, triggering endless health complications. They reduce the healthy appearance of our skin. Tobacco, for example, damages collagen and elastin, accelerating the aging process. Alcohol (because of its diuretic effect) accelerates body dehydration, and as a result, the skin of the face will be opaque and less luminous.

The benefits of radical skin care cannot be overstated in a world where pollution progresses every day, and its consequences extend to every aspect of our lives.

Our skin is one of the most important barriers to protect us from all those dangers of the outside world, so reducing the impact of these invisible pollutants and maintaining a routine where both hydration and protection are present will be the best way to take good care of it.

For more information on how to rejuvenate you skin, and keep it looking youthful for longer, visit our blog.