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Skin Recovery with Alastin Skin Nectar

Currently, there are a number of treatments available to improve our skin's appearance, although some of them are quite invasive. Despite removing those irritating imperfections and wrinkles, these treatments can irritate the skin for a few days afterward. Alastin skin nectar is the perfect product for treating such conditions.

After cosmetic surgery or invasive treatments, our skin is extremely sensitive and needs special care to help it in the process of cell renewal. The Alastin skin nectar is a cream that helps rejuvenate the skin exposed to treatments that cause irritation or damage.

It is a product recommended for adults, non-comedogenic, so it will not cause any type of obstruction in their pores. It is also hypoallergenic and recommended for any skin type.

Alastin skin nectar is a product that can be used before, during, and after any cosmetic surgery treatment or even non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Alastin will enhance the results and prepare the skin for more noticeable effects.

Skin rejuvenation is a goal that most people are interested in. Adults undergo treatments that allow them to delay the effects of aging, while young people undergo rejuvenation treatments to minimize damage caused by prolonged sun exposure (such as blemishes) or by other skin conditions such as scars left by acne problems.  

Simply put, Alastin skin nectar is a beneficial product for skin recovery and continuous maintenance, ideal for adults and young people. It can be used before and after cosmetic treatments to heal the skin and also to prepare it for any procedure. It has numerous advantages due to the ingredients in its composition. Learn more about this product of the Alastin brand in this article.

Benefits of Using Alastin Skin Nectar

There is a wide variety of methods to accelerate the rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin, it is advisable to always look for those that have recognition in the market and that are endorsed by the scientific community. Alastin skin nectar is rated on Amazon as one of the best products to treat skin, and in general the Alastin brand is well known in the field of cosmetics and skin care.


Among the benefits provided by the skin nectar of Alastin, the following stand out:

  • Increases the results of cosmetic or surgical treatment.
  • It has a soothing effect on the affected skin, a product of its high concentration of antioxidants.
  • Its preservative-free formula prevents the reproduction of bacteria.
  • Strengthens the skin prior to any treatment that causes irritation.
  • Working with the natural process of skin regeneration helps the skin have a better appearance.
  • It brings softness to the skin and helps obtain a healthier appearance.

Among the main characteristics of Alastin Skin Nectar are its ability to reduce bruising, swelling, or redness. Likewise, it's TriHex Technology® stands out, which helps stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin. Alastin is an essential substance for maintaining a healthy, youthful, and radiant appearance.

Importance of Elastin for the Skin

Both collagen and elastin are fibrous proteins present in our skin. Their function mainly is to maintain resistance, firmness, and elasticity in it. Remember that the skin is the most exposed organ of the human body, making it more prone to modifications or damage.

Thanks to elastin, the skin has the ability to stretch or break and then regenerate and return to its natural state; with enough elastin on our skin, we can avoid sagging, and the appearance of wrinkles or expression lines since these occur when the skin breaks and does not have enough strength to repair itself.

When the skin suffers some damage, whether it is a deep wound or something more superficial, collagen and elastin act by healing and repairing the structure of the tissues until they return to their regular structure. This is a natural process of our body however there are several elements that can affect the production of elastin in the skin.

Prolonged exposure to the sun, the natural aging process and poor diet accompanied by poor hydration, are just some of the factors that decrease and hinder the process of elastin production. When this happens, our skin tends to suffer more damage, and the recovery process is much slower.

To reverse these negative effects, it is recommended to improve the diet and have a care routine that incorporates the use of moisturizers and protectors against solar radiation. There are also products on the market that help stimulate elastin production.

Alastin skin nectar is one of the best options for this, since it not only offers to accelerate the production of elastin, but also brings softness to the skin and protects it from possible bacteria and infections, which are common risks after any facial treatment.

Cosmetic Treatments: Which are Invasive and Which are Not?

It is important to know when each of these treatments is needed before we apply them to our skin. There are invasive and non-invasive cosmetic treatments. 

The side effects of each treatment differ depending on the type and intensity of the procedure. The recovery time also varies.


There are several types of treatment and they could be classified between surgical and non-surgical, or also between invasive and non-invasive. The most effective and common cosmetic treatments to treat aging and other skin conditions are:

  • Peeling: It is a procedure that removes the most superficial layers of the skin, and is meant to treat spots, scars or sequelae of acne. Non-invasive treatment.
  • Dermabrasion: A procedure that stimulates the rejuvenation of the skin through a fast-rotating device that removes the outer layer of the skin. It helps remove thin fine lines, spots on the skin, and other conditions that damage its appearance. It is a simple and non-invasive treatment.
  • Photofacial with IPL: It is a special treatment where Intense Pulsed Light is used to lighten and eliminate all kinds of spots that affect the skin, such as those caused by solar radiation, aging spots, or red patches caused by rosacea. Non-invasive treatment.
  • Laser or fraxel laser: It is done through a patented technology that uses two types of laser, one that treats the depth of the skin, eliminating wrinkles and expression lines, and another that impacts the most superficial layer of the skin, providing greater luminosity, removing spots and closing enlarged pores.
  • Facial Botox consists of a treatment that uses botulinum toxin to block muscle contractions for a certain time. It is considered a non-invasive treatment.

As we can see, most cosmetic treatments are non-invasive. The recovery of these varies between two and three weeks.

The recovery time for invasive treatments is longer (at least 3 weeks), and the side effects are more severe. For example, facial rejuvenation surgery requires deep incisions and general anesthesia.

In addition to helping recover skin cells, Alastin skin nectar will also provide softness and shine after recovery from any intervention or side effect.

Ingredients that Benefit Skin Health

Alastin's skin nectar formula is unique because it is composed of natural ingredients and the latest technologies for skin care. The product has a triple action:

  1.     Mobilizes the cells that allow the generation of collagen and elastin,
  2.     Reconstructs the fibrous structure of both,
  3.     Helps circulation in our skin, providing shine and softness.

Most products available on the market cause irritation if applied after some cosmetic treatment. The Aslastin skin nectar is specially formulated for use after these procedures that leave the skin extremely sensitive.

Mountain arnica extract is one of the main ingredients of this product because of its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Arnica provides a calming effect after any injury that causes irritation and pain.

In the same way, antioxidants work by creating a protective barrier to stop bacteria from adhering and reproducing on the skin surface. Alastin's skin nectar formula contains phytoene and phytofluene, antioxidants derived from marine microalgae. It also contains Naringenin with Pantheile Triacetate, another antioxidant that provides vitamin B, which helps in the hydration of our skin.


Alastin's TriHex Technology is the main ingredient in the formula, and it enhances the skin's natural ability to increase elastin and collagen production, enhancing results and accelerating recovery.

For your convenience, we have mentioned them again. Specific ingredients of Alastin skin nectar:

  • Arnica Montana Extract.
  • Phytoene and Phytofluene.
  • Naringenin with Triacetate de Pantenilo.
  • TriHex technology.

Finally, the Application Mode is as follows:

  • Press the dispenser until you get the desired amount
  • Apply gently on the affected areas and leave on
  • It can be used during the day and night

Two daily applications are recommended. Avoid contact with the eyes. In cases of accidents, rinse with plenty of water.

Alastin Skin Nectar is the Best Ally for Before and After Specific Treatments

Those who regularly undergo treatment for the rejuvenation or recovery of their skin will find that alastin skin nectar is one of the most effective allies to help them with their treatments, both in the preparation phase as well as during recovery. It is very precise in stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. This is beneficial both before and after treatment since it promotes the strengthening of the skin - especially the face - and at the same time protects it and allows it to remain in a better condition. 

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